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As a promising small-cap enterprise operating in the sextech industry, BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq: BCAN) (CSE: BYND) (“BYND Cannasoft” or the “Company”) has recently reached a significant milestone. The company’s subsidiary, Zigi Carmel Initiatives & Investments LTD, has filed a patent application for its AI-based EZ-G device with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

This groundbreaking device, equipped with state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technologies, as well as several sensors, promises to redefine adult toys and contribute significantly to women’s health worldwide. The patent application, listed as Publication Number WO/2023/13195, was published on WIPO’s global database for intellectual property on July 13, 2023.

A Technological Leap in the Sextech Industry

The technological sophistication of the EZ-G device truly underscores BYND Cannasoft’s unwavering commitment to innovation in the rapidly growing sextech industry. As Yftah Ben Yaackov, CEO and Director of BYND Cannasoft, has stated, “The technology behind our EZ-G device showcases our commitment to shaping the future of machine learning, as well as reflects the dedication and expertise of our talented team. We are excited about its potential impact on women’s health worldwide.”

The EZ-G device is not merely a standard adult toy. It incorporates advanced technologies to provide a more realistic and satisfying experience. It uses artificial intelligence to capture and analyze data from a variety of sensors monitoring pressure, temperature, conductivity, and heart rate. This data reflects conditions in the user’s sexual organs, such as moisture levels and muscle contractions’ pressure variations.

Moreover, the device includes a Bluetooth component that allows users to control it via a smartphone app, providing a highly personalized experience. The app collects user preferences, creating custom programs tailored to individual needs.

Utilizing Data to Maximize Pleasure

The unique feature of the EZ-G device is its ability to continuously learn and improve its operation. The data gathered from users is securely uploaded to the cloud. Factors such as the actual duration of operation, lubrication level, and ideal vibration intensity are analyzed to optimize the device’s performance, aiming to enhance sexual satisfaction. In other words, the more the device is used, the better it becomes at fulfilling the user’s needs.

A Burgeoning Market

According to Forbes, industry experts project the sextech market to reach a staggering $62.32 billion by 2030. While wearable technology has typically been associated with fitness trackers and smartwatches, an emerging trend in wearable sex toys signals a significant shift in the market. BYND Cannasoft recognizes this potential and intends to capitalize on the growth of the sextech market by innovating products designed for intelligent responses to sexual activities.

As a small-cap enterprise with an innovative product in a growing market, BYND Cannasoft holds remarkable growth potential. Its recent patent application for the EZ-G device illustrates a solid commitment to technological advancement and positions the company for future success in the sextech industry. The convergence of AI, machine learning, and adult toy technology in BYND Cannasoft’s product portfolio promises a unique and lucrative opportunity for potential investors looking for a small-cap company with significant upside.

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Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/israeli-technology-company-bynd-cannasoft-123000959.html
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