The team at InvestorBrandMedia has decades of strategy-driven, extensive media experience in helping navigate our clients through everchanging Digital Landscape. We specialize in a variety of marketing strategies that help promote our client visibility across multiple channels helping them expand the digital footprint in an ever-complex environment.

Using the following strategies, Investor Brand Media applies knowledge and execution in a way that presents a clear message and added value for your company

  1. Press Releases Writing: We closely work with writers that have designed and executed high-impact press release campaigns for over 500 clients, including publicly traded companies, VC-backed startups, celebrities, elected officials, and non-profit organizations. Reach out to us for free consultation with our experts and take a first step toward optimizing your public presence.
  2. Content Creation: A press release can only say so much. With our expertise, we can turn your communications into a powerful narrative arc through an array of complementary content and media. This process helps to expand, deepen, and reinforce your impact on how the world understands your story and how new announcements can drive that story into the future.
  3. Social Media Management: We partner with a broad base of influencers (realtime social media influencers marketing your company/brand), allowing us to manage the public conversation about your story across every major social media platform as well as in multiple high-impact chat rooms and message boards catering to investors.
  4. Ticker Tagging Content Distribution: Targeting the right audience is essential. Without effective distribution, your message will fall on deaf ears or play to an empty room. Our growing distribution network consists of a diverse network of finance-focused blogs and websites, producing a robust mix of organic and cultivated interest. Let us help you jumpstart a rich following of qualified leads you can build on. Ticker Tagging is the process wherein your company is included with other sector related NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX companies showcasing your news within a ticker tagged PR. The ticker tags are distributed to approximately 400 business and financial news portal including Benzinga, Yahoo, Google News, Digital journal and MarketWatch.
  5. Display Ad campaigns to targeted investors
  6. Targeted Web Push Ads (web pushed popups on targeted desktop and mobile devices)
Example Web Push Marketing on RECHF performed on Sep 12 and 13th, 2022
  1. Facebook ads directed to target audiences
  2. Newsletters/SMS alerts to opt in subscribers
  3. Company/stock news/video chart with YouTube/Tik Tok platforms (Please see sample tik tok video below)

Sample YouTube Company Profile Video

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