Grid Battery Metals Inc., often referred to as “Grid Battery” or the “Company” (represented on the stock market as TSXV:CELL, OTCQB:EVKRF, and FRA:NMK2), provided an update to its dedicated shareholders regarding the company’s latest endeavors and developments.

### A Word of Gratitude

To begin, we are deeply appreciative of your unwavering support. Your commitment to the progression of our North American lithium and nickel properties, both of which are world-class, is nothing short of commendable.

### The Electric Vehicle Revolution

There is an evident transformation occurring in the automobile industry as Electric Vehicles (EV) steadily become the preference not just in North America, but globally. The surge in EV production is palpable, with a broadening range of models and a substantial increase in manufacturing volumes. It’s clear to see, especially with the likes of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) announcing a $10 billion investment by 2025 in a proposed Mexican manufacturing facility, aiming to produce over 2 million vehicles annually.

Key to this growth are essential battery metals like Lithium and Nickel. Recent measures, such as the US Inflation Reduction Act, affirm the commitment of Canada and the US in supporting the mining industry for these vital metals. This support seeks to integrate the mining industry into a long-term vision for eco-friendly technology and practical responses to the global climate challenge.

### Our Company’s Robust Financial Health

2023 has been a pivotal year for Grid Battery Metals. With two financings completed, our treasury currently holds roughly CAD$5 million, complemented by over CAD$4.8 million in marketable securities. Our judicious decisions, like the disposal of non-essential nickel assets earlier this year, has fortified our company’s financial stance. Consequently, we are well-equipped and funded for the 2023 and 2024 mineral exploration seasons.

### Exploratory Ventures in Nevada

We’re excited to unveil the inclusion of two promising lithium properties, Texas Springs Property and Volt Canyon Property, into our Nevada asset portfolio, augmenting our existing Clayton Valley Lithium assets. Our crew is immersed in a meticulous exploration of the Texas Springs Property. By employing the CSAMT geophysical survey and executing extensive soil sampling, we aim to uncover potential lithium-rich areas. Once this mission at Texas Springs concludes, Volt Canyon will be our subsequent focus.

It’s noteworthy to mention that our Texas Springs Property neighbors the southern boundary of the Nevada North Lithium Project, owned by Surge Battery Metals Inc. (“Surge”). Surge’s recent drillings have highlighted the site’s rich lithium content, with findings of up to 8070 ppm Lithium.

Our Clayton Valley Lithium Project also has a strategic plan, closely aligned with the recommendations from our NI #43-101 Technical Report. This plan comprises a three-phase exploration program, from data collection to drilling and reporting.

### A Promising Horizon

The coming years, 2023 and 2024, are set to be bustling for our Company as we channel our energies into lithium exploration in Nevada. Our primary objective remains: to accelerate these projects and cultivate them into long-standing, lucrative assets that offer returns to all shareholders.

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As the world drives toward a sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) have undeniably taken the pole position in revolutionizing transportation. But as we navigate these electrified roads, which companies are truly leading the charge? Here’s a quick overview based on their current market capitalizations:

1. **Tesla Inc (TSLA) – $778 billion**: No surprise here. As the poster child of the electric car revolution, Tesla’s market cap towers above others, justified by its impressive sales, expansive global network, and a charismatic CEO, Elon Musk. Their cars have not only become a status symbol but also a testament to the possibilities of combining luxury with sustainability.

2. **NIO Inc (NIO) – $19 billion**: Hailing from China, NIO is often dubbed as the ‘Tesla of China’. The company is growing rapidly, with its luxury electric SUVs gaining significant traction in the competitive EV market.

3. **Ford Motor Company (F) – $49 billion**: An old guard in the automobile world, Ford is showing it can teach an old dog new tricks with its push into the electric vehicle space, most notably with its electric Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning.

4. **General Motors Company (GM) – $46 billion**: Another veteran in the auto industry, GM’s commitment to an all-electric future and its growing lineup of EVs, like the Chevrolet Bolt, shows that it’s all set to compete in the modern electrified world.

5. **Li Auto Inc. (LI) – $42 billion**: Yet another Chinese titan, Li Auto, brings unique hybrid electric vehicles to the table. Their cars can be charged using electricity or gasoline, offering flexibility that could be vital in markets where charging infrastructure is still developing.

6. **XPeng Inc (XPEV) – $16 billion**: XPeng is gaining attention not only for its smart EVs but also for its autonomous driving technology. Another strong contender from China, the company has the potential to reshape the future of transportation.

7. **Lucid Group Inc (LCID) – $15 billion**: Lucid Motors is a luxury EV manufacturer based in the U.S., with its Lucid Air model aiming to compete directly with Tesla’s high-end models. Their focus on luxury and performance, combined with impressive range, is certainly turning heads.

8. **Albemarle Corp (ALB) – $23 billion**: While not an EV maker, Albemarle is crucial to the electric revolution as one of the top producers of lithium – a key component in EV batteries. As demand for EVs rises, so will the demand for lithium, making Albemarle a company to watch.

9. **Chargepoint Holdings (CHPT) – $3 billion**: As EVs grow, so does the need for charging stations. Chargepoint, one of the world’s leading EV charging networks, is vital in ensuring that EV owners have places to “fill up” their vehicles.

10. **AEHR Test Systems (AEHR) – $1 billion**: AEHR, while lesser-known, plays a crucial role by providing test and burn-in solutions for semiconductors, which are essential components in EVs.

The future is electric, and these companies are at the forefront of this revolution. While Tesla might be the current Goliath, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of Davids ready to make their mark in the industry. As technology advances and the demand for sustainable transport grows, we’re set to see a dynamic and electrifying competition unfold.

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