As light shines on the health and wellness of individuals, especially men, and taboos relating to speaking about mental, spiritual, and physical health are broken; a massive opportunity is cropping up. A $30 billion market opportunity is what Mangoceuticals (NASDAQ: MGRX) has set its sights on as it looks to address the needs and challenges that men face while trying to improve and enhance their personal life.

Mango ED Competitive Edge

Focused on creating, marketing, and selling various men’s wellness products and services through a telemedicine platform, the company is well poised to tap into the multi-billion opportunity. Backed by a game-changing Mango ED product line that ensures men perform optimally in bed when it matters the most, the company is becoming a key player in the market, growing at a 15% compound annual growth rate.

Mango, created using a special formulation and ingredients approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, is a game-changing product that helps men achieve optimum performance. Tadalafil is the lead Mango ED product that contains the same ingredient as that found in Cialis, Oxytocin, and L-Arginine.

The prescription medication must be approved by a physician. Nevertheless, Mangoceuticals has enhanced access by enabling individuals to complete an online telehealth visit through a robust network of medical providers.  Once approved, one can take the medication 15 minutes before engaging in any intimate activity for the best results.

Tadalafil stands out as one of the best medications for enhancing intimate performance, as it has effects that last up to 36 hours. Additionally, it is well suited for individuals seeking to last longer while engaging in intimate activity.

Enhancing Product Line

In the race to address the needs of men facing different intimate challenges, Mangoceuticals has already moved to strengthen its Mango ED product line. It has already confirmed the launch of Sildenafil, a new product line that will supplement Tadalafil in the men’s health and wellness segment.

The product will be available for sale online in the summer and is highly suited for men seeking faster efficacy. Mangoceuticals’ ultimate goal is to continue launching products that empower men to be at their best all the times.

Growing Brand Awareness

Backed by two proven and highly effective products for enhancing performance, Mangoceuticals has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign. The campaign seeks to reach out to all men struggling with various issues and grow market share in the highly competitive men’s health and wellness segment.

It all started with the Make America Hard Again nationwide marketing campaign. Optimized for lead generation, the campaigns seek to popularize and create awareness around the MangoRx brand and drive web traffic.   It is more than a marketing campaign, as it seeks to help men go hard in every aspect of their lives.

Nevertheless, the Make America Hard Again campaign focuses on revenue generation through merchandise sales. Mangoceuticals also hopes to collect significant consumer data to enhance and enable future marketing campaigns to target other consumers through men’s health and wellness products.

The Make America Hard Campaign came on the heels of Mangoceuticals signing a sponsorship deal with Barstool Sports. The deal will see the company sponsor the top-rated Only Stan’s Podcast, which resonates well with the Mango ED target market. With the podcast averaging more than 320,000 listeners per episode, the company stands to reach out to an active target audience, which is likely to lead to more loyal customers.

Mangoceuticals has since followed the Barstool sponsorship deal with another deal with GaS Digital Network that promises the Mango ED product line to over 1 million people. A well-established digital comedy platform, GaS Digital reaches over 5 million monthly listeners and has promised to generate 1 million impressions for the Mango ED product line.

GaS Digital Network is to verbally communicate the Mango product line through organic conversations, announcements, and key product placement. Mangoceuticals expects sponsorship deals with Barstool Sports and GaS Digital networks to translate into loyal, long-term customers.

Likewise, Mangoceuticals has engaged the services of globally recognized Lucky Break as its new PR agency. The firm wants to leverage its experience working with big brands to further grow and expand the Mango brand and make it a household name. The company has also engaged RedLime as its software support and development provider, tasked with enabling easy access to products on the telemedicine platform while enhancing the customer experience.

Why Mangoceuticals

Mangoceuticals’ bid for market share in the men’s health and wellness segment has received a significant boost thanks to the proven and highly proven Mango ED product for enhancing intimate performance.  Likewise, the company’s expansion of its marketing footprint with sponsorship deals positions it to generate significant revenues and, therefore, shareholder value.

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