Mangoceuticals (NASDAQ:MGRX) push for market share in the $30 billion men’s health and wellness segment is growing in strength, backed by a uniquely formulated drug, Mango. The company has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign as it looks to embed itself in a market growing at a compound annual growth rate of 15%.

Mango ED Edge

The uniquely formulated Mango drug sets the company apart from the stiff competition in the segment. The prescription medication stands out as it is formulated using US Food and Drug Administration ingredients, including Oxytocin and L Arginine. Likewise, Tadalafil is the company’s lead product under the Mango brand.

Tadalafil contains the same active ingredient as the one found in Cialis, therefore effective in helping men achieve optimum intimate performance. Additionally, it is well suited for men that wish to last longer in their intimate escapades. The medication is readily available on Mangoceutical’s telemedicine platform upon prescription by a physician.

For the best results, it is highly advisable to take Tadalafil 15 minutes before engaging in any activity. In addition, the product has the potential to have effects that last up to 36 hours, proving its worth in this highly competitive sector.

Likewise, Mangoceuticals has moved to enhance its edge in the segment with the launch of a second product under the Mango Brand. Sildenafil will be the company’s second product developed using the same ingredients as Tadalafil. However, it is tailored for men that wish to enjoy faster efficacy while looking to engage in any intimate activity. Sildenafil will be available for sale online in the summer.

The launch of the Sildenafil-based Mango product is part of Mangoceutical’s bid to establish itself as a legitimate competitor in the men’s health and wellness segment armed with unique biotechnology. While the market has already proven to be big enough, only companies with proven and unique products stand to accrue market share and generate significant returns.

Enhancing Marketing Awareness

Mangoceuticals has already started reaping the rewards of its expanded marketing activities, going by the buzz generated. It has already engaged the services of Award Winning Globally Recognized Lucky Break Public Relations to be its new PR agency. The PR agency will manage the company’s MangoRX account and be tasked with increasing Mango’s marketing and awareness campaigns.

Lucky Break focuses on supporting corporate communications to increase brand awareness around existing and soon-to-launch products. The PR agency has already affirmed its commitment to making Mangoceuticals the leader in the space while providing solutions that men need to improve their performance, vitality, and most importantly, quality of life.

A deal with Lucky Break comes on the heels of Mangoceuticals engaging premier global solutions firm RedLime Solutions to become its software support and development provider. Having worked with major brands, including Pepsi, Nokia, Pizza Hut, and AT&T, RedLime Solutions is seen as an ideal partner for elevating the MangoRX customer experience and bringing in more customers to the Mango product line.

The RedLime partnership will result in the addition of eight top-tier dedicated software developers to the Mangoceuticals team, which is expected to unleash a new dimension to the current growth outlook. The ultimate goal is to come up with solutions that enhance the commercialization of innovative men’s health and wellness products and financial performance.

The partnership should result in the expansion of customer support functionality on the MangoRX platform. It should also strengthen customer support functionality, including automation and other support features. Ultimately, it should expand development and support in preparation for an affiliate marketing platform.

Mango Demand Growth

Mangoceuticals is anticipating significant growth in demand for its flagship Mango product line, going by the strides made in marketing.  It has already launched a Make America Hard Again Campaign on its website designed to bring unique health and wellness products to the mass market. The campaign is optimized for lead traffic generation and dedicated to driving sales of MangoRX-related merchandise.

The company has also expanded its sponsorships on podcasts and platforms like Barstool and GaS Digital Network as it looks to target men that listen to these podcasts. The  GaS Digital Network has already committed to generating 1 million impressions for the Mango product as Mangoceuticals targets the over 320,000 people that listen to Only Stan’s podcast on Barstool.

Bottom Line

Mangoceuticals is a rising star in the men’s health and wellness segment, backed by a highly proven special formulation that is doing wonders for enhancing men’s performance. Its unique angle on the erectile dysfunction market sets it apart on the back of an aggressive marketing campaign that continues to strengthen its brand awareness.

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