In a major stride towards improving its market presence, Mangoceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: MGRX), a leading brand known for men’s health and wellness products, has confirmed an exclusive sponsorship deal with ITS MEDIA for the highly acclaimed Pillow Talk podcast. This strategic partnership not only includes ad placement on the Pillow Talk podcast but also expands to Pillow Talk’s popular Instagram and TikTok channels.

Mangoceuticals, colloquially known as MangoRx, has been making waves in the men’s health sector with its innovative and secure telemedicine platform and unique men’s wellness products, including its signature erectile dysfunction (ED) drug, Mango.

The Pillow Talk podcast has emerged as a major force in the podcast industry. Currently ranked as the #1 podcast in Canada, the show also claims a prominent place on the global stage with a #3 ranking in the most viewed podcast clips on social media and #6 in the Comedy podcast segment worldwide. Over the last three months, the podcast has recorded over 272,000 downloads on Apple and Spotify and generated an impressive 12 million monthly impressions on YouTube and Twitter.

Pillow Talk’s social media footprint is equally substantial, reaching over 36 million accounts on Instagram in the past 90 days and amassing more than 25 million TikTok views in the same period.

Jacob Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of MangoRx, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Ryan and his team at Pillow Talk. This media channel aligns perfectly with our target demographic, and we anticipate it to be a driving force in connecting MangoRx with our audience.”

One of the significant aspects of this arrangement is the inclusion of “Mid Roll Promotional spots” within the show. The hosts will organically promote MangoRx products through non-scripted discussions, providing an authentic touch to the ads.

Ryan Pownall, host of Pillow Talk, expressed excitement over the partnership: “We love the MangoRx brand, its team, and, most importantly, its product. Just like Pillow Talk, Mango excels on & off the court. My girlfriend says THANK YOU.”

Mango, MangoRx’s flagship product, has been formulated with the same active ingredient found in Cialis™ (Tadalafil), along with Oxytocin and L-Arginine. These ingredients, known for their effectiveness in treating sexual dysfunction, work in unison to enhance men’s performance. Available through prescription only, Mango is approved by a network of medical providers following an online tele-health consultation. As a rapidly dissolved tablet (RDT), Mango can be conveniently taken orally and starts working within 15 minutes, with effects lasting up to 36 hours.

This new partnership cements Mangoceuticals’ position as a forward-thinking brand committed to men’s wellness and underlines its resolve to tap into the growing telemedicine sector, particularly around ED solutions. This association with the Pillow Talk podcast can undoubtedly boost the brand’s reach and solidify its position in the men’s health and wellness market.

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