MDJM Ltd (MDJH) opened the day at $1.5642 and hit a high of $2.19 surging more than 20%. Considering the 52-week range for MDJH of $1.31 – $3.54, there seems to be significant upside potential. At the time of writing this news article, trading volume currently stands at 268,793 shares with an average volume of 1,300. alerted its followers on twitter on MJMD today at the market open.

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The most recent news from MDJH was back in February 21, 2023. MDJM LTD (NASDAQ: MDJH), an integrated global culture-driven asset management company located in Letham, Scotland, issued a letter to shareholders from its Chairman and CEO, Siping Xu. The letter provides an update on the company’s global business transformation and long-term growth and vision prospects.

The letter highlights the company’s focus on operational growth since its successful listing on the Nasdaq market. MDJM has capitalized on the favorable capital market platform to expand globally, with the UK as its first stop in 2021. The company has shifted its focus to cultural operations, historical asset acquisitions, and cultural tourism and education industries to promote unique cultural heritage and increase its service offerings and competitive strength. With its headquarters now in the UK, MDJM is targeting properties with rich historical and cultural backgrounds, positioning itself as an integrated global culture-driven asset management company. The company aims to achieve standardized management and operation of its new developments through cultural hotel operations, quality localized food and beverage development, and the launch of other cultural tourism services projects.

The press release further states that in recent years, MDJM has made significant acquisitions to expand its cultural asset management portfolio. In August 2022, the company purchased Fernie Castle, which is now the headquarters for its business in iconic assets. Located in Fife, Scotland, Fernie Castle has a rich history dating back to the 15th century and is currently undergoing renovations to offer consumers and tourists cultural experiences, specialty hotel services, catering services, private parties, and castle wedding services. MDJM plans to maximize the castle’s unique historical and cultural value through branding and other strategic initiatives.

In December 2022, MDJM acquired Robin Hill and the Villa in Torquay, a seaside resort town on the English Channel in southwest England. Originally built in 1896 as a Gentleman’s Residence, Robin Hill Hotel maintains much of its Victorian charm and is centrally located. The property has completed renovations and is set to open to the public in March 2023. MDJM plans to make Robin Hill Hotel one of the most distinctive buildings in the local area.

MDJM’s long-term vision is to continue acquiring high-quality historical and cultural properties and developing them with modern digital technology to create unique assets that have both historical and contemporary practical value. The company plans to expand its cultural transmission and commercial services worldwide, with a focus on Europe and beyond. MDJM leverages the cultural and historical value of its properties to create a distinctive and local tourism experience and develops historical buildings as carriers to protect, inherit, and develop the inherent culture of different civilizations worldwide.

Cultural operations are central to MDJM’s asset management approach. The core team shares universal values and professional ideals and is dedicated to preserving, inheriting, and developing the unique cultural heritage of different civilizations. The company places great importance on combining modern civilization with historical context to innovate and promote the development of the cultural industry.

MDJM is rapidly expanding its service capabilities and gaining a deep understanding of the evolving hospitality and asset management service market. The company plans to increase its services, capacities, and competitiveness through a multidimensional growth strategy and transform into an integrated global and culture-driven asset management company. Throughout the remainder of 2023, MDJM will focus on development opportunities in specialty hotels, tourism, and cultural markets in Europe and beyond. The company will continue to seek acquisition opportunities for greater growth, market share, market influence, and profitability while furthering developments in the global cultural industry and its ongoing development in cultural asset management. Source:

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Nightfood Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NGTF), a company pioneering the sleep-friendly nighttime snack category, has announced that its sleep-friendly cookies will be offered as an amenity on TAP Air Portugal overnight flights from Miami to Lisbon as part of a proof-of-concept phase between Nightfood, Nestlé START, and CO. Iberia. TAP is known for staying ahead of consumer trends and meeting the nutritional needs of passengers, recently updating their special meal offerings. With this announcement, TAP will become the first airline to support better rest for passengers on overnight flights through sleep-friendly snacking. Nightfood CEO Sean Folkson expressed his excitement at working with TAP and Nestlé START and CO. on this proof-of-concept test, commenting that TAP is an industry leader in cuisine and nutrition. Source:

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